Thursday, July 29, 2010


Salam dan Salam Sejahtera Semua,

Saya kembali kini dengan mengumumkan Darkbeads Collection telah didaftarkan dengan Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) pada Julai 2010, untuk memberi keselesaan kepada pelanggan membuat pembelian di blogshop ini.

Dengan sukacitanya juga mengumumkan Darkbeads Collection akan mengadakan promosi Hari Raya di mana 30% diskaun ke atas semua produk di blogshop ini! Hebat kan? Tunggu apa lagi? Silalah membuat tempahan sekarang jugak ya sebelum stok habis!

(^_^) Selamat bershopping!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

'My Sweet Rose'

The bracelet is adorned with 4 pink flower clay, jasper dark fuchsia gemstones and pink crystals and finished of with lobster clasp. Very sweet, i like the way the flower dangles and the feeling it creates when it touches the skin, almost felt like you are in a vast field filled with flowers and butterflies. Gives me a feeling of being a schoolgirl again.

Price: RM30
Product ID: OT52
Status: SOLD OUT
Length: 21 cm (adjustable bcos of the extender and lobster clasp)
Fashion tips: Match them with Necklace NL01 and Earring ER01

Sunday, June 6, 2010

'Sweet Hibiscus Earrings'

The earrings are adorned with pink flower clay 'hibiscus', jasper fuchsia gemstones and pink faux pearls.

Price: RM14.90
Product ID: ER01
Length: 5 cm

Status: SOLD OUT
Fashion tips: Match them with Necklace NL01

'Sweet Hibiscus'

Necklace strung with high quality pink chinese crystals, pink clay flowers, fuchsia jasper gemstones, pink faux pearls tulip bead caps and leaf connectors. Suitable for casual wear, bbq by the beach and etc. Gives a girly look, so soft and serene.
Price: RM55.90
Fashion tips: Match them with Earring No. ER01

Product ID: NL02 Size: Length 70cm (Chest Length)

'Mother Earth'

The bracelet is strung with green lampwork (which has little pink roses in it) beads, mixed gemstones (in green and white colour) and finished of with a 14K pink gold toggle clasp. The beads are then wrapped with copper non tarnish wire and made as seem to wrap the beads tight. Gives an earthy and mother nature look. 
Similar to product ID . 29 in pink colour but less beads.
Status: SOLD OUT
Price: RM40.90

Product ID: OTSize: 18 cm
Price scout: No similar product found, this creation is unique by its own.

'Indian Red Catseye'

The bracelet is strung with indian red cats eye beads and wrapped with non tarnish artistik silver plated wire and finished off with a lobster clasp/ box clasp.

Price: RM23.90
Product ID: OT47
Size: 23 cm

'Sweet Turqoise'

Product ID: OT48 (19.5 cm)
Status: SOLD OUT
Product ID: OT49 (23 cm)
Status: SOLD OUT
The bracelet is strung with gemstones which is turqoises and complemented with Murano Japanese beads and finished off with a lobster clasp/ box clasp. Turqoise never fails the eye of the beholder.

Price: RM35.90 


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