Sunday, April 4, 2010

'Grunge Love' Bracelet

The bracelet is made of fuchsia chain links and adorned with dangling czech pressed heart glass beads and finished of by 14K pink gold plated toggle clasp.
So Chic !

The above picture shows on how to wear the bracelet. The idea is to wrap the chain around your wrist. However, for prettier look:-
1. place the bracelet on your wrist so that both sides have equal length
2. wrap the first side around your wrist

3. this is how it'll look like after wrapping

4.wrap the the second side around your wrist
5. this is how it'll look like after wrapping

6. put on the toggle clasp

. after adjusting the chains a bit to your liking, this is how it'll look like, looks chic worn over a cardigan
8. this is how the bracelet looks like without cardigan sleeve.

Fashion Tips:
1. Suitable for casual wear and night-out

RM19.90 @ USD5.9 (at Exchange rate of 3.4)
Product ID: OT27


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