Sunday, April 18, 2010

'Crystal & Pearl' Necklace

Necklace strung with Korean crystals (Earth Yellow) and freshwater pearls (Mutiara Anggur). Request to change the crystal colour to either pink, green, amethyst, black or blue is available.

RM49.90 @ USD14.7 (at Exchange rate of 3.4)

Hint: Do you know how to identify whether the pearls are genuine? Take a pin and scrape the pearl, a powdery substance will come off. Rub the pearl area you scratched, if the surface returns to normal (no peeled off surfaces), then thats genuine. Always scratch the surface when buying pearls, if the shop doesn't allow you to do so then there's high chances they are selling fake stuff.

Fashion tips: Match them with Brooch No. BR02

Product ID: NL01
Size: Length 55cm (Chest Length)


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